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List your rental property with Canadian vacation homes and start earning today

How Much Will This Cost Me?

  • We have no listing fees and no upfront costs.
  • We charge a 20% Commission on bookings that we make.

  • For select, premium vacation homes we offer a Full Service Property Management program.
    Please contact us at 1-888-763-6373 for more details and to receive a quote for management services of your property.

What Do I Get For 20%?

  • We meet with you at your property, provide an evaluation, discuss the potential rental price and answer any questions.
  • We professionally photograph your property and set up your listing on all of our websites.
  • We provide access to our owner login system where you can view details of your bookings and
  • make changes to your listing.
  • We educate all of our sales staff about your property and on some occasions will send sales agents to view the property.
  • We exclusively take care of dealing with the guest.
  • We process all money transactions and hold all monies in Trust. 
  • We collect a damage deposit for every booking, and provide an accidental damage waiver policy that  covers all guests. 
  • We assist in organizing the cleaning of each property and are happy to refer reliable, local cleaning and maintenance companies.
  • Our approach is hands off for the owner and we provide 24 hour emergency service to the guest.

What Does Full Property Management Include?

  • The Full Property Management Program is available only to select, premium vacation homes and provides additional services of our standard program.
  • We provide cleaning and maintenance of the property during the rental season.
  • We maintain the swimming pool or hot tub.
  • We replace consumable items and essential supplies.
  • We provide a personalized check-in service and property walk-through to guests, upon arrival.
  • We do a property inspection upon guest departure.

How Much Can I Rent My Property For?

  • Each property is different and depending on factors such as location, amenities and quality of furnishings the rates may vary.
  • If you would like an estimate, please contact our office and one of our Product Specialists can provide it for you.

I Already Have My Property Listed
On Another Rental Website?

  • That's Great! We are non-exclusive and we encourage our owners to utilize as many or as few sources for bookings as they would like.
  • We can use the availability calendar from your listing on another website.
  • We only take a commission on bookings we make.

What Am I Responsible For?

  • To have your property fully furnished and equipped with good quality items that are clean and durable.
  • To stock your property with all supplies, linens, and towels as per the supplied schedule of supplies.
  • To remove all personal items including clothes & family photos and put into a storage area or lock-off section of your property.
  • To review your property listing on Canadian Vacation Homes websites and inform us of any changes to your property immediately.
  • To not disturb the quiet enjoyment of the renters during their stay in the property. This includes real estate showings.
  • To arrange cleaning of your property to CVH's standards - hotel quality clean and do all repairs and maintenance as required.
  • To contact CVH prior to making your own reservations or blocking off any dates to ensure that no double bookings occur. If a double booking is made, CVH’s booking will take precedent over all other bookings.
  • To supply CVH or CVH’s Check-in service with keyless entry information and a hard key for backup, in case of emergency. This can be left at the property in a lockbox.
  • In the event of damages to the property, to contact or have your cleaners contact CVH within 48 hours of the guests check-out via written communication. If requested by CVH, digital photographs and an invoice must be supplied to CVH by the owner or representative within 7 days of notification. If CVH is not provided these items in due process, CVH or the guests cannot be held liable for damages. CVH will act as a mediator between Owner and Guest to solve any disputes as quickly as possible regarding said charges.

What Is Canadian Vacation Homes Responsible For?

  • To actively advertise & market your rental property to appropriate groups of families and adult groups over 25 years of age.
  • To pre-screen guests by phone, ensuring that they fall within the marketing target group.
  • To create and maintain a website with photos, pricing, descriptions and availability for each individual property.
  • To come to your property and photograph it professionally to assure the highest value. 
    To take bookings upon renewal of contract using rental prices as per contract & offering specials if approved by the owner.
  • To cover all customer relations and communications related to the booking of the property.
  • To collect all monies and taxes on behalf of the property owners and submit these taxes. If an owner has a GST number, the owner will be paid the GST with their portion.
  • To pre-authorize a damage deposit via credit card for a minimum of $500.00 prior to any guest check-in.
  • To provide a check-in service at select resort locations or accurate information for guests to do a self check-in at private vacation homes.
  • To be available to handle guest questions and concerns during their stay.
  • To provide payment to the property owner within the time period specified in their contract.

What Else Should I Know?

  • We are an accredited Travel Company through the Consumer Protection Authority of British Columbia. All funds are held in trust: BPCPA License# 34873
  • For more detailed information on renting your home, please Call Us at 1-888-763-6373


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